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ALL NEW Gluten Free Soups

The ALL NEW Gluten Free Supplement Soups are better than ever. The have been reformulated and perfected to make them even better than before. The packets have been redesigned and printed with brand new packaging. The printing company were so impressed they have entered them into a printing and design competition. To identify the new gluten free supplement soups, simply [...]

By | 31 July, 2012|

Tea, Parsley, Celery can Block Cancer

Chamomile tea, parsley and celery all contain the chemical apigenin, which can help ward off cancer according to scientists at Ohio State university. The herbal tea, herb and vegetable are all recommended on the Betty Baxter, which focuses on eating fresh,unprocessed foods. Celery filled with tuna or cottage cheese is a favourite mid morning snack, while plentiful herbal teas can be consumed as part of the [...]

By | 31 July, 2012|

Must Knows for the Silly Season

The Festive Season is well and truly among us but we don't have to throw our normally "good" eating patterns out the window. The scales can still be our friend at this time of year. Follow these steps to have your Christmas cake and eat it too - and feel less guilty about it all! Start your day with a [...]

By | 20 December, 2011|