At Betty Baxter, we’ve watched as a lot of diet and weight control products have flooded the market over the years, each claiming to be the definitive solution to people’s weight loss needs. The one thing that has stood out to us is that most of these products are designed to get rapid, fast acting, short term results. What they don’t do is provide a platform from which people can build lasting and sustainable weight loss over the long term.

The Betty Baxter Complete Weight Management system has sustainability as a key premise and foundation concept.

Our goal is to help you change your life for the long term, not to see you yo-yoing back and forth with weight issues because of the unrealistic nature of your weight loss product.  Because of this, our program doesn’t rely on ketosis, like many other programs do, to generate your weight loss.  We focus on helping you lose body fat while learning better food choices, long term.

That’s why Betty Baxter has found so many fans in such a short space of time. Our program is not about starvation, or about promoting rapid fluid loss to momentarily drop your weight. Our meal replacement shakes, soups and bars have been designed to taste great whilst at the same time offering reliable and gradual weight loss over the total period of their use.

Our products also taste like real food and not like liquid cardboard, as we’ve heard others described in comparison.  In fact, in our independent ‘blind’ taste tests, Betty Baxter was voted the best tasting weight loss shake and was consistently preferred when compared against competitor diet products.

You shouldn’t have to suffer through bland, uninteresting food options in order to lose weight, and you won’t if you choose to use Betty Baxter.

The Betty Baxter Philosophy

The Betty Baxter philosophy was developed around the key principle that healthy weight management isn’t just about weight loss. It’s about empowering and informing people about what really constitutes a healthy body, and providing them with the tools and support to reach and maintain their own personal healthy ideal body composition.

Betty Baxter members can receive support from pharmacy staff to help them understand and set individual health goals to achieve a healthy ideal body composition. We educate our members and monitor their progress towards their goal using a variety of key body composition indicators:

  • % and kg body fat
  • waist measurement
  • kg fat free mass
  • kg total body water {hydration}
  • BMI, and
  • kg total body weight

These indicators are monitored at recommended FREE weekly consultation sessions at our full consultancy pharmacies, using the most advanced bio-impedance scales associated with any current in-pharmacy weight management solution.

The Three Phase System

The Betty Baxter program offers three calorie levels to help you lose weight in a way that is best suited to your body type.  No other weight management program has this unique three phase approach.  Some people have higher calorie requirements than others so our program and our pharmacy based consultants take into consideration factors such as your height , whether you are male or female and your current activity / exercise levels when recommending the right phase to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Hop (Phase One)

1st Step for most Women:  As a general rule, women start on this phase which has the lowest calorie count. The program recommends two meal replacements a day, a healthy range of fresh, low GI and whole foods (lean meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, nuts) 30 minutes of exercise and a minimum 2litres of water per day to minimise dehydration.

Skip (Phase Two)

1st Step for Men and 2nd Step for most Women:  A slightly higher calorie diet with all the benefits of hop while introducing wholegrains. Some women start on this phase based on their BMR reading during the initial consultation (the calculation of how many calories your body needs as a base metabolic rate, based on your height, weight and age). The higher calorie level is also suitable for most men.  Most women move to this phase when they have lost the majority of their unwanted weight and until they reach their ideal body composition and weight loss goals. This phase adds to the calorie, exercise, hydration levels and range of foods allowed in the Hop phase.

Jump (Phase Three)

2nd Step for Men and 3rd Step for Women:  This phase bulids on what you have learned so far, and includes a wide range of food options to help you create good habits, and stabilise and maintain your healthy body weight. Once you have achieved your desired weight our Jump phase helps you learn better food choices to help you maintain your weight loss long term.

Everyone is individual and there is a phase on the Betty Baxter program to suit you.  See your BB User Guide for more detailed information on the Three Phase Program.

The Difference

Betty Baxter is a nutritionally sound weight loss approach that balances nutrition, exercise, portion control and education. Our aim is to teach you how to lose weight and adopt healthy eating practises for life, while helping you reach your goal weight.BB Meal Replacement Shakes actually taste like real shakes because we don’t use artificial sweeteners, our soups don’t contain flavour enhancers, like added MSG and we have gluten free options.  By making a program that tastes good, you have a better chance of sticking to it and achieving your goals.

Betty Baxter meal replacements are high in fibre – no need to purchase additional fibre supplements

BB uses state-of-the-art scales which measure body composition, fat mass, BMI and total body water to name a few! Why? Because BB focuses on actual fat loss. We don’t want you losing muscle or fluid.

BB has a wide variety of snacks that you are able to consume on all 3 phases of the program. You just have to read everyone’s posts on our website to see how much easier this program is to live with. Betty doesn’t want you to starve!

BB allows one coffee per day and moderate consumption of alcohol if wanted, and we allow chocolate too!

Our maintenance program is complimentary to the key phases of the program and continues to help you learn what your body needs to maintain your ideal weight. We really don’t want you to put the weight back on and with BB, you’ve learnt healthier and maintainable eating habits.